The Farming Game

One morning in July 1979 just as the sun was coming up, THE FARMING GAME® was invented on the seat of a tractor. Four months later the game was in print. Today the game has sold over 750,000 copies.

George and Ann Rohrbacher own a 2,000 acre cattle, hay, and wheat ranch in eastern Washington State. In 1979, after two droughts within three years, the family farm was on the ropes, the Rohrbacher’s decided to bet the ranch that their game would be a success.

Several hundred thousand copies later, sold to fun seeking farm owners and city dwellers alike, the game is used today in many schools in the US and Canada. The World Bank had it translated into Russian to assist farm privatization after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

My family and I have been playing The Farming Game for years. Warning this game can be habit forming!

Dan M., North Carolina