The Board Game Invented on the Seat of a Tractor.

THE FARMING GAME® really was invented on the seat of a tractor. It happened in a hay field just as the sun was coming up in early July 1979. George Rohrbacher, a rancher from Central Washington State, was driving that tractor. He and his wife Ann were struggling to hold on to their family farm. With two droughts within three years they, and many of their neighbors were losing that battle. George and Ann literally bet the ranch the game idea would work and mortgaged everything that wasn’t nailed down to produce the first edition of THE FARMING GAME®. The game, which was first assembled by the handicapped at Portland’s Goodwill Industries, has now sold several hundred thousand copies. Beyond being a fun family game, it has also been used in schools all over the world. In 1994 the World Bank sent George to Russia to oversee the translation of THE FARMING GAME® into Russian to assist the farm privatization effort after the breakup of the Soviet Union.